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Touch Remote Switch Smart Control On-off For Home Supplies

Product No.  :4V0078W087
Product type  :Smart Switch
Product info:
With touch function and remote control function, it is equipped with a remote controller. The remote control switch has the function of long distance remote control, which is up to 150 metres in the open field and can be up to 30 meters indoors, to meet different customer needs. With a gentle touch, it can easily control the light open and close Users touching keys can be issued the sound of "di" , and the prompt to dial the code switch or cancel the prompt function. Used as a night light at night, it can dial the code switch settings or cancel the function of background light. The outer shell is made of fireproof plastic material, effectively preventing switch ignition. Control by live wire, easy for installation, do not need rewiring and replacing the switch before directly. Toughened glass panels, unique design and luxurious beauty. Prevent the occurrence of leakage and electric shock danger.
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Standby current: 110V-200V 30UA(less than 0.01W) 

Working voltage: AC 110V-250V(50HZ-60HZ) 

Load power: 7W-800W 

Other Introduction: 

The imported chip as the processor has responsive, stable performance 
Using 86 type bottom box, strong commonality, do not need transforming circuit and direct replacement 
Power can disconnect circuit automatically, when in the electricity, the light bulb is in the closed state 
No button contacts, mechanical life can reach 10 million times and electrical life 100000 times 
Package list: Switch, a pack of screw fittings, remote controller, Chinese and English manual 
Package Size (L x W x H): 11 x 10 x 6 cm 
Package Weight: 0.25 kg