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5V ov7725 Serial Jpeg Camera Module with RS232/RS485 or TTL Level

Product No.  :7R388235SR
Product type  :Smart Camera
Product info:
We are highly integrated 0.3 mega pixel UART serial JPEG camera Module which provides a UART (serial) interface for communication between host and camera; A JPEG compression engine to compress the digital picture data. It supports the standard RS232/RS485/TTL interface and the baud rate range from 9600bps-115200bps. It supports our standard ZM protocol, VC0706 as well as OV528 protocol. It can be attached to computer and any other embedded devices to perform as a video or a JPEG compressed still camera for image acquisition. Now they are widely used in the GPS tracking system, remote monitoring system, home security system, Acess Control System, Construction project monitoring system, farm monitor system, Access Control, Robot Vision, Object Detection and Recognition, Industrial Control System, Medical Systems etc.
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Serial camera module


1.Image sensor: CMOS OV7725

2.Pixels: 0.3 mega pixels

3.Image Resolution: VGA640*480, QVGA320*240, QQVGA 160*120

4.Image Compression: JPEG

5.Focal Length: 2.8mm/3.6mm/6mm

6.Angle of View: 120/90/60

7.Minimum Lumen: 1 Lux

8.Night Vision Lumen: 0 Lux

9.Night Vision Image: Black-White Image

10.Night Vision Distance: 5 to 10M

11.Interface: RS232/RS485/TTL

12.Baud Rate: 9600 to 115200bps(optional)

13.size: 38×38MM, 32×32MM

14.White Balance: Automatic

15.Exposure: Automatic

16.Auto Gain Control: Automatic

17.Working Power: DC5V/9~36V

18.Working Current: under 70mA

19.Working Temperature: -40 to 80°C 


Remark: can revise communicate protocol via 8051 MCU  

Software Parameter
1. UART Interface and Baud Rate:

The UART Camera support RS232/RS485/TTL Serial port. Which UART port is depended by the host device. The host can only communicate with 1camera through RS232 and TTL port via only 1 cable. For 485 port, you can connect several cameras in series and your host can communicate with them with same cable via ID No. All of our camera has the default ID. “0” if you use our Standard protocol.

The baud rate can range from 9600bps to 115200bps. Which baud rate is also decided by your host device. The default is 115200bps.

2. Camera Protocal

Our UART Camera has its own private communication protocol. It can be applied in all our UART Cameras including: 0.3MP Camera,1.0MP WDR Camera, 1.3MP Camera, Micro SD Card Camera, Dual output Camera etc. And they also support OV528 protocol and VC0706 protocol. You can also send us your own communication protocol of course.