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Scented Candle and Diffuser Set

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Scented Candle and Diffuser Set
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Scented Soy Candles in Glass Jar with Gift Box

Naturally chic and embellished with an evocative hand blown glass, this Candle is filled with our signature botanical oil and natural wax blend. Our proprietary Eco Wick adds an organic illumination to enhance any environment.

The classic combination that evokes memories of warm, cosy nights in by the fire. Made with soy wax for long lasting, less soot and better scent throw.

  • Great Eco wick 
  • Long Lasting Fragrance 
  • More than 100 scents as your choice
  • 100% natural soy wax/Clean burning soy wax
  • High-end gift box
  • Different candle/weight/ Container jar/gift box types and sizes for choice
  • Packing: 1pc/box

How to make customized scented candle?

1. select one size of container;


as usual, we use glass jar and the candle inside would be 30g (1oz), 80g(2.8oz), 160g(5.3oz), 230g(8.1oz) etc.


2. decide the unique handling to make it unique;


painting, silk screen printing, hot stamping, plating  or just simple private label


3. decide the wax; paraffin wax or soy wax


4. decide the package; folded paper box, PVC box with card, handmade box ( just show me a photo)


5. decide other decos on the box if any; like ribbon, labels, barcode, charms etc.


6. decide the scents which can be also confirmed after you received the scents sample


How we produce candle?


We produce container candles by automatic candle making machine which can produce 200,000-300,000 sets per month. And the quality of the candle could be more stable.


Available Scents: There are more than 1000 scents are available.